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Updated: 12/5/2023

Today is the last day to get some free books! Virin, What Once Was, and Reave are all still available for free!

I've been taking some 'mostly no work' days, working on Christmas prezzies and things, personal stuff and reorganizing, and trying not to stress about things. I got the proof for Carved Legacy 8 today, and I'm looking forward to going through that soon (along with getting the last two books in the main series formatted and ready to go)!
I might take a couple of 'personal days' before all that, to get a few things sorted and finished. (It's extremely hard for me to stop working, even when other things need to get done! I'm working on that as well.... ha!)

If you're reading on any of my books right now, just know I'm here hoping you're enjoying them and, as always, hoping that you'll get something good from my words.


The link for my Amazon page to get any of the books is: www.amazon.com/author/millerc

Updated: 12/1/2023

As you can see up there, three of my books are available for free right now! I wanted to give everyone the chance to check out each of the series, to see if you might love/enjoy them! (Be sure to catch them before the promotion is over!)

Other news is that there's a series collection of From the Ashes available now, and the seventh book in Carved Legacy is live! The proof for the eighth book is ordered and will be here in a few days. ^.^

I hope everyone is doing well and is excited about the start of another new month!

Now, if only we could get some snow.... *fingers crossed*

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