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Miller, C.
The Touch of Fear
Miller, C.

I update the 'Home' page with information regularly (rather than posting on social media). Be sure to check in if you're interested in what's going on with me/the books!

Updated: 3/27/2024

I'll be honest--it's been a rough month here. Between fighting an infection since the end of last month, mostly recovering from it, and then getting hit with what has to be the worst allergies I've ever had (I'm thinking due to a weakened immune system)... it's been rough. I didn't even know allergies could do to a person what I've been dealing with the last week or so. (I love trees, but dang... some of them don't like me back!) 
I've been working hard regardless! Have also been doing a lot of thinking about priorities, hopes, so on. I really dislike saying anything but, 'Wow! Things are super great in every way, all the time!' That might sound silly, but that's just me; I try to focus on positives. There have definitely been some lately. 

  • The hardcover for The Touch of Fear is available now! There's a button above to buy it direct, but it can also be ordered on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The links for those places can be found here!
  • JCE-286 (Regulators 2) is only a few days away from release day.
  • The hardcover proof for Reave is FINALLY on its way and I hope will be here soon. I'm also hoping to get the blog post up about the hardcovers, after it arrives and I can get some pictures. ^.^

I'm working on a few things--one being focusing more on my newsletter. I worry so much about 'bothering' people, I've honestly been scared to say anything unless there's something of 'immense importance' to say. I'm telling myself right now and right here... people subscribed because they want to know what's going on, and maybe sometimes it's okay to just talk about life or something. Or say I have a post where I do. (Talk about life.) I dunno! We'll see!

I hope everyone is well. Physically, I'm not doing the best I've ever been, but my spirits are high. Apart from wishing so badly that I could go outside! D: 
I hope that everyone else is missing all the difficulties of spring and that you're all just able to enjoy it. If I don't update again before then, just know I'm wishing everyone the happiest Easter! I hope you all have a beautiful day. And if you have little ones, I hope you all enjoy the special little moments with them.

Wishing everyone so well. <3

Updated: 3/18/2024

I got my newsletter issue fixed last night! Things are back up and running! (Legitimately cried, I was so relieved and happy.) If you haven't signed up yet, just know I'll be sending exclusive discounts for my books to subscribers! :D

Updated: 3/17/2024

This is a more normal and ideal timeframe between updates!

The hardcover for The Touch of Fear is available for pre-order on Amazon! If you come back here at the end of the month, I should have a link available for you to order it directly from the manufacturer.

Yesterday, I finished the hardcover for Reave and got the files submitted. I'm hoping that within the next day or two, I'll be able to order a proof. Super excited about that!

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. It's been a bit of a crazy one here!

(I need to get book pages and wide book links changed/available. Please be patient with me!)

Updated: 3/13/2024

I'm so sorry about the gap in updating. I'll be honest and admit that I've (in ways and at times) been having a rough time here. I've been bad at/with responding to texts and emails for the last couple of months with friends and family too. I'm genuinely sorry.

I've been working hard when I've been able. Mostly, what I've been working on?

Hardcovers and publishing wide.
I've been intending to write a blog post about all of it and include some pictures. Just know it's on my to-do list, along with seven million things!

The company I'm using for the hardcovers... Well, there's a lot I could say about it and the hardcovers in general, and I really would prefer to talk about most of it in a blog post where I can really delve into it all. But some of it I feel is important right now!

Important things about the hardcovers:
1) They can be ordered directly from the manufacturer. (If you do as much, more of your money will go directly to me (and will help fund all of the book stuff in general), as it 'cuts out middlemen'. Less people 'get their cut'.) I would appreciate that IMMENSELY. (Order Regulators direct by clicking here!)
2) If you DO purchase it or them on Amazon, PLEASE be aware of 'third-party sellers'. As of right now and the only one that's available (Regulators), a third-party seller actually currently has custody of the 'buy box', and the price is jacked up. You can buy it directly from Amazon. It's just listed as one of the alternative options. (For $25)
3) It might show on Amazon as 'out of stock' when purchasing from them. I self-publish. The books in general are printed on demand. There is NEVER a stock problem. The only thing is that I didn't go directly through Amazon for the new hardcovers. 
4) The Light Between Stars and Where Water Meets the Sky DO have hardcovers, from before. Amazon (at this juncture, at least) ONLY has case laminate hardcovers, so that's what those two are. I wanted the dust jackets. That meant going through another company. But I'm glad to give them a try, and I was so happy to see that dust jacket for the first time! (Was one of the happiest things of my life.)
5) These hardcovers are a different size from my paperbacks (and the old hardcovers). They're 6x9. My paperbacks are 5.5x8.5. This means reformatting all the books. Along with new proofs, of course. And these proofs take longer in general (and are more expensive by about double), so it's going to be a long process, I think.
6) The only ways I would charge $35 for a hardcover (as is currently listed on Amazon) would be if the page count meant I had to or if it were a special/collector's edition. There are only a few of my books long enough that they would have to be priced over $24.99 for a hardcover. If it were the latter thing and were a special edition? I'll just say... I've been thinking about it, and I have plans. But those would ONLY be available directly from me.
It might seem weird to be focusing on the price, but that price being jacked up without my own doing (and me getting zero more funds from it on top of that) really gets to me. When I made the decision to up the price of all my ebooks by a dollar and paperbacks by a dollar or two last year... That was hard for me. I've always been set that I wanted the books to be reasonably priced and accessible. Having to look myself in the eye and say, 'They're worth $5.00,' was a big thing, extremely hard, and took a lot of work. It just bothers me--for a random person to come in, set the price of my book, and them actually probably end up getting more money for/from it than I do. Probably by about 3x.

I'm not trying to sound whiny or complainy. I understand 'this is just the way of the world'. A lot of the time? That's my problem. I just don't like the way things are in the world. And this is probably one of the most unguarded things I've said on here or publicly at all. I like to keep my opinions to myself, and my struggles unless I feel they could benefit someone else to be spoken about. (Upping the price by a dollar or two nearly felt like it tore me apart. Someone else came in and upped it by ten (so that they can probably make more from my work than I do). So. That's life!) (I don't know if I should be posting anything when not in the best spirits. I don't usually like talking to anyone when I'm not, apart from one person, but maybe just being open and honest about this and me not liking certain things will somehow, in some unknown way, do some good. Maybe even if it's just letting people see that finding positivity is hard work, even for me, no matter how positive I always sound. I've had someone tell me that it was nice to see that I'm just a person. So. I'm just a person here, and I in NO WAY like 'the way of the world'. In almost any sense.)


Another important thing?

I am having trouble with my newsletter. As I am borderline technologically inept, getting the email domain authenticated (after changes made) is a real struggle for me. And with some of the other things going on with me right now, adding another stressor of it on top of that? (Especially one that makes me feel like an idiot...) It's just something that I'm working through with customer support a little at a time. But these troubles are why anyone who signed up for notifications hasn't gotten one about Regulators. I'm so sorry.

More important things?

Reave is 'permafree' now, at least for now. It is available wide, and is free on all outlets apart from Google Play, where it is $2.99. (To see where Reave is available, click here!)

As I said above, I'm working on getting the books published wide. As of this moment, not all of them are. And, as of this moment, not all of them are GOING to be. From the Ashes is staying in Kindle Unlimited, at least for the time being. I'm thinking about putting the rest of the Reave Series back in, also at least for the time being. But I don't know. If you've seen me talk about any of this stuff before, you'll know... I always do what I feel is right. Sometimes, it just takes a minute to figure out what that is and which way is the right way.

I do hope, if you're a reader outside of Amazon, you'll be happy to finally have access to my books. ^.^

I know this was a big update, but there's been a lot going on!

I want you all to know that I'm doing my best here. I'm hoping to have more hardcovers available soon. The Touch of Fear, I've already gotten the proof of. I just need to get a few things fixed then enable it for distribution. So, as it stands, I'm feasibly only a few days away from that being available for pre-order on Amazon. I have a date set for it for about a week and a half from now, for the publish date. If you check back here then, I SHOULD (also feasibly) have a link available for you to purchase that one direct (which I would appreciate a LOT). 

I'm currently working on the hardcover for Reave.

I'm also really in some ways feeling more at peace about releasing more of the books. (The ones I've kind of been wanting to keep to myself, including the companion to the Reave Series.)

Regulators 2 is also available for pre-order!

That should be about it!

I hope things are going well for everyone, that you're all (hopefully) enjoying spring showing its face. I've been enjoying seeing life sprouting again, and things growing. It's like taking a nice, big breath of clean air. (No matter how much I love snow....)

Wishing you all well....


(I'm hoping to have a fun post about the hardcovers soon, with happy things and lots of pictures. ^.^ I might wait until I'm done with Reave's, though!)

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Reave wide availability
Pre-order JCE-286 (Regulators 2)

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