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Miller, C.
The Touch of Fear
Miller, C.

I update the 'Home' page with information regularly (rather than posting on social media). Be sure to check in if you're interested in what's going on with me/the books!

Updated: 5/3/2024

I'm so sorry it's been so long since an update. April was an extremely weird/crazy/exciting month for me. I did a lot of assessing. (In some ways, I'm still doing as much.) I don't like to post things until they're kind of 'set in stone', so that caused me to feel I kind of COULDN'T say much last month. It's so funny how things work out, though. And sometimes, things can seem or be set in stone, then something happens, and you have to break the 'stone' that hardened around the thing. If that makes sense....

There was a bit of that last month!

There were also a lot of really stupendously great things. 

I'll be honest and admit that I've been assessing a lot pertaining to whether I'll release more books beyond the ones I'm for sure going to and am planning on doing in the immediate future. (Which would be Regulators B3, at the absolute very least, and probably Carved Legacy B9, possibly 10.) 

The companion to the Reave Series has been on my mind for a while, which I'm sure you know if you've stopped by in the last probably 6 months and read any of these. I've mentioned it a lot. With things 'coming to a close' in other ways, that being the natural and (in ways) only way to go, it's been at the absolute forefront of my mind. I would prefer to write a blog post about it or something, but I'm still not at a place where I feel comfortable putting anything in stone yet. Although, I'll say I'm still feeling very much like I said before: There's a VERY large part of me that wants to keep that one to myself. (I in ways feel I NEED to.)

And the timing of things is strange, things work out strangely, in such beautiful ways. I'll finally admit here in front of more than just family and close friends that I've been having eye (sensitivity) issues for probably about 8 months now. I was thinking at first that it/they would go away, but that hasn't happened. It had already caused me to alter the way I was doing things, because I'm--still as of now--just no longer able to edit (or write) on a screen. The remainder of my books that aren't out? Either need rather substantial editing, at least to some extent (even if only better checking than a last proofread) or need finishing.

I've been having to assess what the future looks like. (About half a pun intended.) Realistically, I don't quite know the answer to that. But I trust in the plan, I trust that everything is going to be okay, and I know I did everything I could. Have done. Will continue to do, whatever that means.

In ways, this has felt like a strange blessing. When I say I would work all day from the time I got up until I went to sleep, that's not an exaggeration. I only just in the last year or so started really working on a better work/life balance. When I focus on things... I can't do anything else. Not just for the time I'm doing it actively, but period. When I'm working? There's NOTHING else.
The thought that I might be able to move on from being locked in a room with my face glued to a screen, to words, and maybe go enjoy life a little (more than the enjoyment of work)?

It's a nice thought.

I'm not sure what the future holds. I do know that if I release more books, I'm not going to be able to do the four in a month or so, or anything even close to that. And I honestly wouldn't want to. That just about broke me. Kind of actually in ways DID break me. The last two years have been rough, in the sense of trying my absolute hardest to get all the books out that I got out. And I'm glad I was able to do as much before things sort of changed. I knew I needed to hurry. Felt it in my spirit.

Maybe things will change all around.

I've been doing some EXTENSIVE thinking about my photography and potentially trying to sell prints or canvas wall art of it. The thought of getting out of a room, getting outside and taking more pictures? I've at times wept just thinking about it.

I'm having to accept that things aren't like they used to be, so I can't keep carrying on like they are. I hadn't been having issues with doing certain things on a screen (formatting books, updating the site, writing emails) until recently. Doing this right now, it feels like I'm staring at the sun. (Changing colors and brightness doesn't help.) 
Maybe that doesn't have to be a bad thing.

It might sound extremely weird, but I'm hopeful, and I'm extremely excited about the future. 

I will do my best to keep everyone updated, whether it's on book stuff, or photography stuff, or any other stuff. And I hope so much that you're all doing well, are happy, healthy, and looking forward to whatever the future holds. ^.^

I do also have review copies of several of my books available through StoryOrigin right now. If anyone wants to check that out and get some of my books for free... here they are!

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