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Updated: 2/5/2024

Regulators is out now! I've gotten the page updated with links. (Though no 'fancy link buttons' yet beyond one. XD)
I'm hoping so much that everyone enjoys it. ^.^

I'm working hard on something here. I'm a couple weeks out, at least, before I can say anything. (And I have to wait a couple days before it can move from this point.) In the meantime, I'll probably be getting to work on formatting Regulators book 2 when I wake up! 

Hoping everyone has had a happy start to the week. :D

Updated: 2/1/2024

Happy news! Regulators is up for pre-order, to be released in just a few days!

I also wrote a blog post, talking about things that have been going on along with my plans for the year! I do some talking about Regulators in it. If you're interested, you can head here: The Start of 2024
Just so everyone knows, if you check in often and have seen me talking about the sci-fi trilogy... Regulators is it! That series has brought me more laughs than any of my other books, probably. But it also has some very large underlying things. It's always just been a joy for me to work on. I hope that will come across to everyone who reads it and that the joy/goodness will reach anyone who spends time with these characters too.

Wishing everyone the happiest and best start to a new month! ^.^

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Also, I did add some more pictures to Pig's Page, if anyone wants to go look!

If you missed any updates, don't worry! I made a page just for them. Updates Page

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